Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Accenting with wood

  There are so many ways you can make your space inviting .  My recommendation today is to  consider wood because it can add both warmth and architectural interest to any space.  Choose a little or a lot, there's something for every space. If you don't  like the warm tones of wood but love the grain and texture, think about white washing or gray washing it.   How about using  wood  in......


A few twigs or pinecones as part of a table display or sliced wood attached to board or a recessed box shape can add instant interest to small areas.

These houses cut from weathered 2 x 4 are the essence of simple, but when massed together they provide big impact  when displayed on simple white vertical  shelving  attached to white painted board. 


If you find beautiful wooden boxes like the ones above grab them.  They not only provide extra storage but they look great in any application.  You can tuck them away or use them out in the open as an end table in a living room or as a night table in a bedroom.  They are so versatile. 

Room Dividers 

 I am not overly fond of room dividers, but some are so well done they look like an art installation rather than a functional aspect of a home. Here are some of my favourite ones.....


This  divider is attached to the ceiling and floor with rods but it appears to  float.  It also allows the homeowner to place a piece of furniture in front of it.   I think I would like to see the buffet a different colour so it stands out from the wood, but there are just as many arguments for having it the same colour.


I just love this divider because you can move around it on both sides and it is so substantial looking and works well with the flooring.  


 This is perfect in every way, but the addition of a concrete sphere against all those horizontal and verticals is inspired. 


All of these bathrooms have a mix of wood and other surfaces.  Each provides relief for the other and in this way work together to create a stronger aesthetic statement.


 There is just enough wood spread around this room to create a wonderful balance with the abundance of marble. 


This is both an accent wall and an integrated storage space.


Sliding doors and drawer and open shelving.  This space has it all.

Isn't the asymmetrical placement of this wood strip just a prefect balance for all the white and glass on the left of it?


 Rough hewn logs in an asymmetrical placement work really well .  Chunky and demanding they make quite a statement.

While this is probably rough wood that is stained, it looks like charred wood.  It is this quality that is so appealing in this application.


I guess you are getting the message that I love asymmetry.  This delicate shelf that extends beyond the fireplace on one side is the perfect resting place for two white vases that reference the colour of the fireplace surround.

Accent Walls  

And don't forget the power of wood for an accent wall.  Either natural or stained, you can't beat the  warmth of real wood.  I especially love it paired with white walls and furniture.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

A little spring in my home

Do you like white flowers?  I'm a sucker for them.  Nothing is as fresh and inviting as white and let's face it, there's nothing white doesn't match.  Lucky for me there are so many varieties of white flowers that  I can keep finding something  year round.  A large bunch can be divided into two vases if you keep your vases on the smallish side.

 Here's my latest  addition in the laundry room.  Don't be afraid to mix up your vignette for a bit of newness.

Which of these  vignettes do you like the best?

Margaret Ryall

A modified L line of design...

Margaret Ryall

 the classic check mark / V or...

Margaret Ryall

the always predictable A arrangement?

Sure do wish this art work was a little bigger!  It is one of my mixed media pieces ( 11 x 14 in.)  titled Attempting Balance (encaustic, paper, and metal on cradled panel) created at the 6th International Encaustic Conference in 2012 at Provincetown, NJ.   My laundry room is a lovely art gallery.  I have to make it nice because it is open to the hallway and a walk through for the powder room.  

I don't only rotate the objects in my arrangement I also rotate the art hanging there.  If I want to live with a piece to determine if it is finished I hang it in the laundry room!

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